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Amarillo Studio es una oficina de Arquitectura, Planificación Urbana y Diseño ubicada en Majadahonda (Madrid) y con amplia experiencia nacional e internacional centrada en la Calidad, Cercanía, Profesionalidad y Fiabilidad.



Publicación del libro: EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Collector’s Edition que incluye el FUN SKYSCRAPER de Miguel Luengo Angulo, finalista en la edición de 2010.


Dear Miguel, your project awarded finalist in the 2010 eVolo Skyscraper Competition was published in the book EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS – currently sold out and out of print. We are pleased to inform you that we were commissioned to print a final edition of only 150 copies. This collector’s edition consists of two hardcover volumes with a presentation box.

Best Regards,
eVolo Editors

EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS Collector’s Edition includes the best 300 skyscrapers submitted to the eVolo Skyscraper Competition since 2006. 

– “the next generation of big buildings…the new book compiles 300 of these plans, divided into categories like technological advances, ecological urbanism and social solutions. Some of the designs tackle familiar problems, like the need for parking space, but others are more forward-looking, like buildings that incorporate robotics or are capable of flying”. — Wall Street Journal

– “EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS provides futuristic concepts and architectural eye candy for hours on end and allows a fascinating glimpse into the (possible) future of high-rise architecture, urbanism, and the city as we know it.” — Archinect

– “. . . a great stroll through the ideas and imagery that are occupying students and young architects today.” — A Daily Dose of Architecture

Collector’s Edition –  EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS

Contents: Two Hardcover Volumes with Presentation Box.
Edition: Only 150 Copies Worldwide.
ISBN: 978-1-938740-00-8
First Hardcover Volume: Technological Advances, Ecological Urbanism, and New Frontiers.  624 pages.
Second Hardcover Volume: Social Solutions, Morphotectonic Aesthetics, and Urban Theories and Strategies. 608 pages.

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